Dressed Turkey: The Dinner Guest
On This Morning I Begin Again
They Go Low, We Go High
Be Proud
Surtex Poster 2016
Merry and Bright Holiday Hamster
Noel Partidge
Fall is Upon Us Squirrel
Dia De los Muertos
Dia de Los Muertos Bulldog
Who's Out There?
Trick or Treat Ghost
Digital Nomad Editorial Illustration
Illuminated A
Illuminated B
Illuminated C
Illuminated G
Arty Seagull on the Pier Poster
The Global Art Gathering Typograhic Poster
Tea Drinking Dinosaur Event Poster
Spring Tidings
Finch Party 2
Finch Party 4
Finch Party 3
Finch Party 1
Early Birds
Eager Beaver
The Feels
Sophia and Wendy
Roam Free
Be Gentle and Strong
Nautical Alphabet
Naughty Conservative Whales (blue)
Naughty Conservative Whales (blue)
Rainy Day Buddies
Naughty Conservative Whales Ecojot Notebook Finalist
Isla's Mermaid
Hoarder Squirrel
Mama Poulin's Red Hot Skillet
What is to Give Light must endure Burning
They Tried to Bury Us
I Got my Own Back
If you are Going Through Hell, Keep Going
Merry and Bright
Merry and Bright 2
Le Beau Chou Chou
La Belle Epoque
How to Meditate 1
How to Meditate 2
How to Meditate 3
Self Conscious Squirrel
Obvious Fox
Crazy Cuckoo
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