Editorial Illustration: How to Succeed at Becoming a Digital Nomad

Most artists that I know are very nervous about drawing people. Unless, of course, they have a signature character style that comes naturally to them. I’m of the former. But, I must say that I will always be game for reaching outside my comfort zone. So, I welcomed our last MATS Bootcamp Class "mini" assignment which was to draw people. If we wanted a bonus mini, to draw people using technology!

Here is a snapshot of my first stab at people:

I love these cool kids, but once it was confirmed that we would be doing an editorial piece, I  wasn't so sure that the style really fit the article that we were to illustrate: How to Succeed at Becoming a Digital Nomad.  After some research, I started thinking about what it is I like about this kind of illustration. For me, I am drawn to those editorial styles that are simple, flat, minimal in color and typography focused. I’m also a fan of collage and I really like illustrations that are more conceptual than literal. Check out these cool examples from Pinterest:

editorial illustrations 2

My first plan of attack was to draw the 10 essential items needed to succeed at being a digital nomad.

Power cord, phone, notebook, headphones, sim card, and battery (duh!)

Power cord, phone, notebook, headphones, sim card, and battery (duh!)

Then, I decided, since I am a digital nomad, that I would make my illustration a self portrait. 

I really do have a dotted bikini, but I don't usually work in it. There's a first time for everything.

As you can see, I stayed pretty literal. And gave myself pink hair. The horizontal format of the piece was a bit awkward to work with at first, but once I dropped in my hand lettering, it kind of all came together.

As usual, there were very many different interpretations of this assignment. We had 150 class submissions and you can check them out here:

Next up on my development calendar is another round of MIID Summer School Modules 1, 2 and 3. I'm excited to have access to the latest trend reports and also the camaraderie with fellow students from all over the world.  I am very proud to share that my some of my work made it into last year's summer school look book. Here’s to summer and making art all year round!