Tutorial: DIY up-cycled pom-pom remnant “confetti” coasters!

We have two sayings in this house: 




Here is a little up-cylced project I made on the fly this weekend inspired by our household matras: DIY up-cycled pom-pom remnant "confetti" coasters!

Simple sewn edge version

No Sew Duct tape version

Last week, I suddenly found myself the proud owner of a bag of teeny tiny yarn scraps collected from an afternoon of pom-pom making at the Makeshift Society SF with Brooklyn artist Dana Haim. I just thought they were way to pretty to throw away. But what to do with them? 

These are the beauties I made at Dana Haim's worksop

And these are the yarn bit remnants filling an entire shopping bag in my studio

While running errands, I found a bolt of thin clear vinyl at Stonemountain & Daughter fabric store on Shattuck in Berkeley. For$2.00 I was able to purchase 1/2 a yard! Perfect to try out a small project like coasters. Do you ever suddenly get that "jazzed for crafts" feeling, wanting to make something in an afternoon and have something awesome to show for it by end of day? I do. And I did!  Here's how I up-cycled the yarn bits from my weekend pom pom frenzy in five easy steps for this incredibly satisfying and fun coaster project:

MATERIALS NEEDED - Clear or transparent vinyl, yarn scraps - you could also use glitter, magazine images for collage, scrap book paper pieces, sequins, (really anything that is relatively flat), scissors, embroidery floss, large eye sewing needle, xacto knife (optional). ** for the no sew version use duct tape in bright color or patterns in place of the needle and floss.

* and a bit of masking tape (optional!)

* and a bit of masking tape (optional!)

Duct tape in fun colors for the "new sew" version.

1. Measure and cut 8 identical 4” vinyl squares. Lightly tape together two sides of the squares with 1/4" piece of tape for stability while sewing together (optional).

2. Using a needle and about a yard of embroidery floss, stitch around 3.5 sides of the clear square sandwich as shown. You could do a running stitch, but ever since I learned the blanket stitch in girl scouts, it has been my personal opinion that this method makes anything look better. Plus, it's fun. Yeah, I love a good blanket stitch.

Step 1 and 2

3.  Leaving a 2” opening on the last side of your vinyl square sandwich, insert a few pinches of yarn scraps into the center and evenly distribute by smashing around. Don’t fill the pouch too much. It should be sort of flat so that your drink is balanced and stable.

Step 3

4. Finish sewing pouch closed. I tied a bow at the corner of the square where my threads ends  met, but you could simply knot it, or even add pom-pom tassels!

5. Do this four times and you have a colorful stack of wipe-able vinyl coasters. Why not bring them as a hostess gift to you next friendly crafternoon?

Bundled DIY coaster set for the crafter noon hostess with the mostess!

If you don't feel like sewing, here is a "no sew" version that is just as fun!

1. Measure and cut eight identical 4” vinyl squares. Lightly tape together two sides of the squares with 1/4" piece of masking tape for stability while attaching pieces together (optional).

2. Cut four 5” strips of duct tape in the color of your choice. Anyone who has ever met me knows that I will ALWAYS choose neon. ALWAYS. 

Vinyl Squares, duct tape and cutting implements

3. Cut each strip in half lengthwise as shown. I used an xacto knife and ruled mat for accuracy, but you can eyeball it and use scissors, specially if working with small children.

Step 3 and 4

4. With each 2”wide (half strip) fold evenly over edge of two vinyl pieces sandwiched together. Repeat on two more sides. 

Two sides with taped edges

5. Insert a few pinches of yarn scraps into the center and evenly distribute by smashing around. Don’t fill the pouch too much. It should be sort of flat so that your drink is balanced and stable.

6. Add your last strip of tape to seal, making sure that you squeeze out any extra air in your pouch. While it looks cool, you don't want a plastic pillow under your glass unless you want coffee all over your workspace. Do this three more times for a set of 4. Since these taped versions were so easy, I made six total and the project took only 1 hour. Instant art!

Yay Neon!

Now may I have some more coffee please?

This project would be a great summer camp or birthday party project for kids. It's very inexpensive and can be done in 1.5 hours or less. It's also a great way to use up old craft supply scraps.

Bringin' back the 80's: Yay Neon!

I'm having a love affair with the 80's. Most specifically, neon. I have had rolls and rolls of neon duct tape in my craft room for some time know. On my list of things to make, I have also had the line item "make duct tape wallet." What better way to bring in the new year than to create for arts sake. 

I made a ladies clutch style wallet using this tutorial from instructables.com as a basic style template. The only difference is that I added a clear window for my driver's license and a small change pocket attached to the money pocket fold with three small craft brads. When finished, I added a plastic flower from the sale craft bin and some polka dotted wash tape. So far it is holding up really well! But, I haven't been spendin' a whole lot lately. 

I got carried away and reupholstered an old blank sketchbook from college. The cover already had this cool reflective sticker and, for some reason, a label from some glitter rhinestone fake eyelashes. Those were the days. I covered the rest with pink duct tape as to not be reminded of old boyfriends whose names I wistfully scrawled and embellished with doodles much more interesting than the boys themselves.

This small project made me think back to a pinterest branding exercise that I did earlier during my Megan Aumen Creative Live Class. Tada! Whaddya know.... NEON.

I loved the 80's. I still do. I love big hair. I love a good black t-shirt (that's me on the right in this 22 year old photo). On occasion, I'm a sucker for a pale face, big eyebrows and humongous hoop earrings. But not mullets, sorry brother Brandon.