Cajun Crustacean Pattern Mash Up!

Wow this months bootcamp assignment was fun. As a tie in to Lilla Roger’s MATS: Creating Collections for Home Decor Class beginning in June, she gave us the assignment of designing plates with a crustacean theme. Now, I hate shellfish, but adding googly eyes made it doable for me. Juxtapose that with the hot trend of a colorful, modern pattern background, and I'm in! Here is some of the visual references provided to us. I absolutely love these decorative plates at Lula’s Pantry.

Our mini assignment was to draw crustaceans in all their spidery, crusty and pointy glory. Check! Did you know that the potato bug is considered a crustacean too? I added turtles to my sketches because they’re cute. We were told to think about rendering these in dark colors like the inspiration above.



But wait, that’s not all! There was a second part to the mini assignment, and that was to create gorgeous patterns in color. I am  a big fan of color, and I've been experimenting with different palette. Here’s one I liked comprised of these inspiration tears:

So we put the crusties together with the patterns and created some lovely home decor pieces. I went bonkers and created a zillion. Here are some of the out-takes:

I also did some cartooning for my own delight!

In the end, I chose the three best designs that filled our design brief objectives. I call my Cajun inspired dish ware line “laissez le bon temps rouler.” So fun.

Today, Tuesday, the class gallery is open for public viewing! There are over 250 submissions and everyone did a fantastic job. Have a scroll through the many different takes on a theme here.

Until next time, Soignez vous-autres (Y'all take care)!

Rainy day water color patterns

I don't know if you've heard, but Northern California is having the storm of all storms right now. A Rainstorm. For which school is canceled and many are staying home from work. I'm sure all you east coasters and midwesterners are having a laugh at our expense. Since I am from Wyoming where driveways are piled high with 5 ft of snow during the winters, I'm scratching my head at this one as well. Hmmm.. I guess it's the closest we will get to snow this year!

That being said, I'm feeling all cozy and Christmassy! And it's the perfect time to experiment with my watercolors and repeat pattern making.

I’m always so inspired by the muted colors of yore: mint muddy greens, taupe-y pinks, yellows and periwinkle blues. Just look at the gorgeous vintage wrapping paper scrap that I pulled from Pinterest:

Here are my takes on these themes. I used all original illustrations and watercolors. So fun. I think the wreath design is my favorite. I'd like to receive a roll of this as a present itself!

I hope you all are staying warm and dry. Happy holidays.