Bringin' back the 80's: Yay Neon!

I'm having a love affair with the 80's. Most specifically, neon. I have had rolls and rolls of neon duct tape in my craft room for some time know. On my list of things to make, I have also had the line item "make duct tape wallet." What better way to bring in the new year than to create for arts sake. 

I made a ladies clutch style wallet using this tutorial from as a basic style template. The only difference is that I added a clear window for my driver's license and a small change pocket attached to the money pocket fold with three small craft brads. When finished, I added a plastic flower from the sale craft bin and some polka dotted wash tape. So far it is holding up really well! But, I haven't been spendin' a whole lot lately. 

I got carried away and reupholstered an old blank sketchbook from college. The cover already had this cool reflective sticker and, for some reason, a label from some glitter rhinestone fake eyelashes. Those were the days. I covered the rest with pink duct tape as to not be reminded of old boyfriends whose names I wistfully scrawled and embellished with doodles much more interesting than the boys themselves.

This small project made me think back to a pinterest branding exercise that I did earlier during my Megan Aumen Creative Live Class. Tada! Whaddya know.... NEON.

I loved the 80's. I still do. I love big hair. I love a good black t-shirt (that's me on the right in this 22 year old photo). On occasion, I'm a sucker for a pale face, big eyebrows and humongous hoop earrings. But not mullets, sorry brother Brandon.